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Ten Years ago……

Ten years ago

we had Bob Hope,  Steve Jobs and Johnny Cash


we have no cash, no job no hope.

Author: don’t know, sow this sometime somewhere…

SMILE: any crisis has two main characteristics. Is limited in time (ends) and you’ll get more strong, lean….


¡Hola! Unos simples deseos: que seas feliz, que lo pases bien en familia,  y que el 2011 sea un poco mejor / Hi! Simple whises: be happy, enjoy family and a 2011 a little bit better.

Y una felicitación acorde a los “virtualizada vida” que llevamos en linkedin, youtube, twitter… / And a post card (video) accordingly the “vitualised life” we carry on linkedin, youtybe, twitter.


Smiling from Youtube: Zach & Louis up syncing the Ding Dong song

🙂  Enjoy… A good way to start the weekend!

El ser humano sigue sorprendiendo / People are Awesome

Sin palabras,  simplemente espectacular.  No words, simply amazing.

Homenaje a los sentidos

Fantástico video de Campofrio.  Como ellos mismos dicen… “homenaje a quienes viven la vida sin un sentido, pero encuentran cada día más sentido a su vida“.

Tras visionarlo, respóndete a estas preguntas:  ¿Quien ha realizado este vídeo?, ¿Qué opinión te sugiere en este momento la marca?…

Las pequeñas historias humanas son las más grandes historias. Es una muy buena forma de posicionar y aproximar la marca a las personas.

Funny Pop, interesting reading

I would recommend a book. It is


Funny Pop

Aut: Enrique de Mora
Ed. Empresa Activa
ISBN: 978-84-92452-00-2


This is really a good book to read! A complete lesson about persons and emotions, organization and excelence, business and building the foundations to success…


But I would to invite to you to debate about it. Better if you read the book before, but in any case and within this context, the book enforces my personal thought (and humble contribution) that the formula for success is 3i = Ideas + Initiative + Illusion.  


That is not a silly sentence… It could be part of a dream, but are not the dreams the substantial part of our progress? Someone told me one time that utopics are welcome, because they draw what our next generations will experience….


3i could be translated to specific strategies, plans and actions. Should be.


So, what do you think about it?

Intel unveils retail POS proof-of-concept system

Taking advantage of a high-performing and energy-efficient chip the company already sells to computer makers, Intel Corporation today unveils a retail point-of-sale (POS) proof-of-concept system that could lower a store’s total cost of ownership while improving customer satisfaction.
Revealed at the National Retail Federation Convention (NRF) in New York, Intel’s proof-of-concept exhibits the latest in digital signage and point-of-sale technology in a kiosk form factor, and demonstrates how technology can enhance the retail shopping experience


Did you know?

SHIFT HAPPENS! An official update to the original “Shift Happens” video from Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod, this June 2007 update includes new and updated statistics, thought-provoking questions and a fresh design

–> Watch it!

What’s the matter, then? What’s the most important for our kids? Have we to become depressed? Stressed? Worried?

What the keys for the education of our kids should be? Languages? Be stable by theirselves, because stability will be not at the work arena? How to prevent them to be work-aholics? 

If you want to discuss, follow the link to Wiki. I’m looking for simple answers, there are? I think so…


In July, I was flying (again!) and got the aircraf’s magazine….  At the “aviation history” section a report regarding “the ekranoplane” took my attention. What’s that? A dino? A flying dino?

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A Football Poem

S – ure you had the chance to watch & enjoy the Germany-Spain match

P – owerful team, Spain!!!

A – lesson of how to play good football

I – ntake, a sharp intake of breath…

N – o better winner

SPAIN, winner of the 2008 Euro Football Cup.