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Ten Years ago……

Ten years ago

we had Bob Hope,  Steve Jobs and Johnny Cash


we have no cash, no job no hope.

Author: don’t know, sow this sometime somewhere…

SMILE: any crisis has two main characteristics. Is limited in time (ends) and you’ll get more strong, lean….

La fórmula del éxito / The formula of success

Hace ya mucho tiempo que invente la fórmula del éxito, obviamente es un criterio subjetivo y personal, abierto a opiniones y contribuciones.


  • Ideas , sin ellas que sería del mundo… Como alguien me dijo, bienvenidos los utópicos porque nos están mostrando el mundo de dentro de …. años
  • Ilusión, ¿qué decir de ello? Si no pones tu espíritu en ello…
  • Iniciativa, la acción se demuestra andando…

¿Que opinas?

Nota: puedes utilizar la frase, pero te ruego referencias el autor

Once upon a time I created which floor me is the formula of success. Of course, it is absolutely open to opinion, contribution or discussion:


  • Ideas, without ideas there is not progress, neither economic, social,,,
  • Ilusion, because with your aim, your fore seeing of the future landscape with smile included, nothing makes sense
  • Initiative, because movement is the suit if the walk

What do you think?

PS: you can use the statement, but please refer the author

Future Speaking: thoughts about Chinese

We all think sometimes about the future, isn’t? When I think in my kids and how to growp up them for the future they will have to face, one of the main topics in the list is languages.

My kids are Catalan, which I’m proud about. They manage Catalan language but Spanish at the school. That’s right. English as foreign language also is part of his training both at school and in private language center.

That’s fine! But it is enough? Reading some information sources, it’s clear that SPANISH and ENGLISH are key languages. But… what about CHINESE (see Wikipedia)?

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¡Hola! Unos simples deseos: que seas feliz, que lo pases bien en familia,  y que el 2011 sea un poco mejor / Hi! Simple whises: be happy, enjoy family and a 2011 a little bit better.

Y una felicitación acorde a los “virtualizada vida” que llevamos en linkedin, youtube, twitter… / And a post card (video) accordingly the “vitualised life” we carry on linkedin, youtybe, twitter.



Un interesante (como cada año) informe de Interbrand. An interesting (like every year) report from Interbrand.


A customer is for life, not just for Christmas

Research reveals the challenge retailers face in prioritising new customers over existing customers

Interesting article published at The Retail Bulletin. Please follow this <link>


El ser humano sigue sorprendiendo / People are Awesome

Sin palabras,  simplemente espectacular.  No words, simply amazing.

Expansion – Franchising is a fad?

Is franchise the business a fad, at the current downturn landscape?  For sure NOT,  it is one of the options to keep the strategy for expansion and make business minimizing investment & risk.

But what does this means? Franchise is not magic… Franchise also means investment   and means preparation. Might this is an extreme example, however I do not consider franchise business the action to simply market a brand and expect close to the fax machine the orders coming from franchisee. That never works.

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Reflexión rápida sobre la Red Social / Toughts regargind Social Network

Os dejo un video muy interesante sobre el cada vez más habitual y usado término de “social media” o “red social”. A really interesting video regarding the every day more used term of  “social media” or “social network”

La red “habla de ti”.  Como empresa, si tú no hablas es casi igual, la red hablará de tu marca. ¿Puedes permitirte no ver, o ser inactivo en la red social? The net is “talking about you”. As a company, if you don’t talk is like the same, the net will talk about your brand. Can you don’t see it, be inactive in the social network?

¿Va a sustituir la red social el diálogo directo entre personas? Espero y deseo que no. Puede ser ridículo que dos personas en el mismo lugar se comuniquen intercambiando SMS. Is the social network replacing the face-to-face dialogue? Hope and wish that this will never be true! It could be ridiculous to watch two persons at the same place, communicating each other using SMS text messages, isn’t?

Vuelta al blog / Return to blog

Hola a todos/as!:

Ha pasado un buen tiempo desde mi última entrada. Vicisitudes de la vida… Disculpas a mis eventuales lectores/as. Después de este espacio en blanco, retomo el blog con mayor ilusión. Prometo ofrecer contenidos que puedan interesaros.

¡Un saludo!


So many time from my last entry! Things that happen along our lifes… Sorry to my readers. After this gap, I engage again the activity, with same or more ilusion. Promise to deliver to us interesting contents.

The best!