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Intel unveils retail POS proof-of-concept system

Taking advantage of a high-performing and energy-efficient chip the company already sells to computer makers, Intel Corporation today unveils a retail point-of-sale (POS) proof-of-concept system that could lower a store’s total cost of ownership while improving customer satisfaction.
Revealed at the National Retail Federation Convention (NRF) in New York, Intel’s proof-of-concept exhibits the latest in digital signage and point-of-sale technology in a kiosk form factor, and demonstrates how technology can enhance the retail shopping experience


Grocer, el carro inteligente / Grocer, the intelligent trolley

El pasado viernes día 12, y a lo largo de esta misma semana, mi compañía Wipro Retail ha presentado el “Grocer”, el carro inteligente, en el marco del EPC Competence Center de AECOC en Barcelona.

Grocer es un proyecto de I+D (iniciado el 2003 junto con IESE e IHG, y ahora con Creative Systems como socio tecnológico) que combina tecnologías RFID, de Pantalla Táctil (para interactuar), y Wi-Fi (comunicación y localización del carro), con funcionalidades que responden a los nuevos requerimientos de los clientes en retail: información, capacidad de iniciativa/decisión, privacidad, conveniencia, y socialización.

Es por supuesto un tema apasionante realmente. Grocer es una plataforma concreta (el carro) de experimentación de esos retos que el comercio minorista está afrontando, tanto en el ámbito de tecnologías, como de servicios de valor añadido; en un proceso de compra pero bajo una perspectiva totalmente diferente: hacer del proceso de la compra una experiencia diferente, atractiva…  facilitando además la conveniencia en tiempo y gasto.

Han sido varias TV (TVE, A3, TV3, Localia, BTV….) y Radios (SER, RAC1, COM Ràdio….) que han emitido; y varios medios de prensa escrita, que se han hecho eco de este evento (que ha tenido gran impacto). Os pasaré links de los contenidos multimedia (radio, TV) cuando estén disponibles.
De momento, os puedo anticipar algunos de los numerosos enlaces.
Friday the 12th my company Wipro Retail have been introducing Grocer, “the intelligent trolley”, at the EPC Competence Center of AECOC in Barcelona.

Grocer is a R&D project (initiated the 2003 jointly with IESE and IHG, now with Creative Systems as tech partner) that merges technologies of RFID, touch screen (for interaction), and Wi-Fi (communication & trolley ubication), with functionalities that answers the new requirements of retail customers: information, initiative allowance, decision, privacity, convenience and sociality.

Of course it is a subject that appeals. Grocer is a concrete platform (the trolley) to experience these challenges that the retail is facing, in technologies but added value services; transforming the shopping process in something different: make the shopping a new experience, attractive… facilitating convenience in terms of time and cost.

Several TVs (TVE, A3, TV3, Localia, BTV….) and Radios that broadcast the event, which high impact. I will provide links of contents (multimedia) when available. In advance:


 Prensa/Press: ; ; ; ;

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Outsourcing & Wipro

Two interesting articles, talking about the Indian IT companies, and Wipro, my company and obviously the best!  😉

–> Indian outsourcing takeover is imminent

–> Wipro Positioned as ‘Strong Positive’ in the “Market Scope for BI & Performance Management”

In my opinion, Indian IT companies are not and emergent market, is a mature market: yes.. outsourcing takeover is more appropriate discussion context than “if they would/could…”. And Wipro understood the market challenges maybe before the others, focusing on quality, verticalization (niche segmentation and specialization), and building a value offer (comprehensive & global and integrated porfolio) beyond feasible cost optimization.

What do you think?

Enjoy your reading, and have a great day!

RFID Strategies 2008


An interesting article from Aberdeen Group research, regarding RFID, deployments

….A critical factor in such success is a greater focus on business process visibility, improvement, and optimization. Among Best-in-Class companies using RFID identified by Aberdeen Group research, 100% reduced process failure incidents by at least 20%, and improved process throughput by at least 10%. These positive results set the stage for broader RFID deployments in 2008 and beyond.”

It’s really interesting, in retail, mentioning the motivators to RFID: compliance losses importance, while business process visibility, customer service and asset tracking raises to the top.

In a past contribution regarding RFID, I mentioned what in my opinion are the key factors to consider in an RFID project:

  • “close the loop”
  • benefits for all participants
  • concrete and practical scenario where to deploy and measure ROI
  • change management: the benefit of RFID is also related with business processes improvements

What do you think?

–> get the article!

Nokia – El teléfono móvil como herramienta empresarial

Entrevista a Marieta del Rivero, Consejera delegada de Nokia en España. La principal ejecutiva de Nokia en España apuesta claramente por el potencial del mercado de movilidad empresarial, centrando su protagonismo en el canal, la integración de los dispositivos con las aplicaciones corporativas y la seguridad.

RFID, 2007

IDTechEx reviewed the status of RFID in 2007. The market for RFID grew to $5 billion in 2007, mainly powered by a peak in the use of RFID tags in the Chinese national ID card. China ordered $2 billion in cards and infrastructure, making China the biggest consumer of RFID in 2007. Other RFID growth showed up in sectors such as healthcare, financial, security and safety.More than 500 new RFID projects in 101 countries were launched in 2007. These projects involve more than 4,000 organizations. The average project involves more than 300,000 tags. The United States retained its lead with the largest number of projects, while China left from number five to number three, overtaking Japan and Germany. The new projects range from tagging pets and livestock to 37.5 billion tag to go on cigarette packets.

Robert Metcalfe – Ethernet

Bob MetcalfeCon él llego el estándar
Siendo un joven ingeniero de Xerox PARC, Metcalfe co-inventó Ethernet en 1973, sin siquiera intuir que su método tecnológico para conectar ordenadores en red local acabaría convirtiéndose en el sinónimo de términos como networking y LAN. Hoy, el estándar sigue ganando batallas incluso en el segmento de los operadores de telecomunicaciones, con velocidades de hasta 10 Gbps y una presencia creciente en las redes metropolitanas, las redes de acceso y las WAN. En 1979, Metcalfe fundó 3Com para explotar comercialmente su invento y, desde entonces, es uno de los visionarios más respetados de la industria. Colaborador de IDG durante mucho tiempo, hoy ayuda a Polaris Venture Partners a impulsar start-ups innovadoras. Gracias por todo, Bob, muchas gracias.
Fuente: Blog Tecnologico (Tendencias99)

Bob Metcalfe – The standard came with him
Beign a young engineer in Xerox PARC, Metcalfe co-invent the Ethernet in 1973, without knowing that his technical method to connect computers will become in the synonym of new terms such networking and LAN. Today, the standard still is beating including in the telecomm movers & operators, with high speeds till 10 Gbps y and increasing presence in metropolitan networks, access networks, and WAN. In 1979, Metcalfe found 3Com for commercial purposes and from this point on, is one of the most respected visionary in the industry. Contributor of IDG for long time, today helps Polaris Venture Partners to imple innovative start-ups. Thank you very much, Bob, thank you.

Fuente/Source: Blog Tecnologico (Tendencias99)

—>  Rob Metcalfe in Wikipedia

RFID, futuro o presente… y algo de Lean Thinking

Ayer estuve con un amigo y colega, con muchos años de experiencia en retail (y se mantiene joven!). Un gustazo hablar con él, como siempre.

Dijo mi amigo: “el retail es sobre todo pragmatismo, “hands-on”, práctica”. Bueno… es una manera muy educada de calificar este mundo del retail en que nos movemos… J Sí, el mundo de retail es praxis, entre otras cosas… Pero como todas las industrias y compañías, y haciendo mío el famoso “think globally, act locally”, debe mirar hacia el futuro y trabajar en el presente. Explotar (gestionar) y Explorar (innovar) son ambas necesarias.

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Tendencias TI en Distribución / IT trends in Retail

Bueno, otra aportación, que espero sea interesante para tí. Un artículo público, de Gartner, sobre Tendencias en las Inversiones Tecnológicas en el sector de Retail. Tiene el sugerente título de “The Customer-Driven Enterprise”.

Hi! There is another contribution, hope interesting for you. A public article, from Gartner, about Technologies Investement Trends in Retail vertical. The title is suggestive: “The Customer-Driven Enterprise”.

Incluye los siguientes capítulos / Including the chapters:

  1. Top Technology initatives for 2007
  2. Key action items for the next 18 months
  3. Major Challenges in the next 3 years 
  4. IT obstacles that stand in the way of productivity
  5. Current and future investment plans by IT category
  6. Multi-Channel trends

—> RIS_Retail TI study 2007