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Marcas / Branding – Ranking


Aquí tenéis dos informes de Interbrand (copyright) sobre el valor de las marcas, a nivel global y a nivel de España.

A destacar:

  • A nivel del ranking mundial sólo aparece Zara (como caso español).
  • A nivel global, en moda, aparecen tan sólo la mencionada y en primer lugar GAP
  • Toyota aparece en el número 6 (del 7 del año pasado)… recordad, Lean
  • Al igual que este caso… algunos son sorpresa.. .y otros casos dan que pensar…



Attached, two reports from Interbrand (copyright) regarding brand value, locally (Spain) and gobally (worldwide)


  • In global ranking, only Zara appears at the report as Spanish brand
  • In fashion, we can see GAP, Nike, Zara…
  • Toyota holds the position #6 (from #7 last year)… remember… lean
  • Like this case… some others are surprise… some others could help to you think about…

–>  Interbrand – Global Brands 2007

–> Interbrand – Las mejores marcas españolas 2007

RFID, 2007

IDTechEx reviewed the status of RFID in 2007. The market for RFID grew to $5 billion in 2007, mainly powered by a peak in the use of RFID tags in the Chinese national ID card. China ordered $2 billion in cards and infrastructure, making China the biggest consumer of RFID in 2007. Other RFID growth showed up in sectors such as healthcare, financial, security and safety.More than 500 new RFID projects in 101 countries were launched in 2007. These projects involve more than 4,000 organizations. The average project involves more than 300,000 tags. The United States retained its lead with the largest number of projects, while China left from number five to number three, overtaking Japan and Germany. The new projects range from tagging pets and livestock to 37.5 billion tag to go on cigarette packets.