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Ten Years ago……

Ten years ago

we had Bob Hope,  Steve Jobs and Johnny Cash


we have no cash, no job no hope.

Author: don’t know, sow this sometime somewhere…

SMILE: any crisis has two main characteristics. Is limited in time (ends) and you’ll get more strong, lean….

El ser humano sigue sorprendiendo / People are Awesome

Sin palabras,  simplemente espectacular.  No words, simply amazing.

Funny Pop, interesting reading

I would recommend a book. It is


Funny Pop

Aut: Enrique de Mora
Ed. Empresa Activa
ISBN: 978-84-92452-00-2


This is really a good book to read! A complete lesson about persons and emotions, organization and excelence, business and building the foundations to success…


But I would to invite to you to debate about it. Better if you read the book before, but in any case and within this context, the book enforces my personal thought (and humble contribution) that the formula for success is 3i = Ideas + Initiative + Illusion.  


That is not a silly sentence… It could be part of a dream, but are not the dreams the substantial part of our progress? Someone told me one time that utopics are welcome, because they draw what our next generations will experience….


3i could be translated to specific strategies, plans and actions. Should be.


So, what do you think about it?

La sonrisa del día / Smiling

¡A disfrutar de estos dos sketches! Enjoy it!


—->  Achmed, the dead terrorist

—->  Achmed: jingle bombs